Current debate of ethnic inequity in health: COVID-19 and future recommendations

Dato: 21 maj 2021
By: Online

This webinar includes presentations of and reflections on results on immigrant-related inequities in COVID-19 (Norway), Delphi-recommendations to promote ethnic health equity (Denmark), and co-created communication tools to address COVID-19 in neighborhoods with many ethnic minorities. Institutions: Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Danish Society of Public Health and University of Copenhagen.

May 21, 2021 12-1 pm.

Link to webinar (zoom)


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24th Rehabilitation World Congress 2021

Dato: 07 september 2021
By: Aarhus

The Rehabilitation International World Congress 2021 will be a strong inspiration for all participants: to meet with global colleagues from your own profession, society, NGOs, and with up front representatives from rehab specialists.

The congress in Aarhus invites all stakeholders to share specialized themes like neurorehabilitation, primary health and rehab, employment initiatives, physical training, and community integration.

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Folkesundhedsdage 2021 - planlægningen er i gang.

Dato: 27 september 2021
By: Nyborg

Konferencen bliver 27. - 28. september 2021.

Planlægningsudvalget modtager gerne inspirerende inputs og forslag, vi forbeholder os dog ret til at vælge frit mellem de modtagne ideer.

Efterhånden som programmet tager form kan du følge det her.

Læs om indsendelse af abstracts her.

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