PsychoSocial Aspects of Diabetes

RAPID konference

The PSAD and the Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen are pleased to announce the Research Accelerating Psychosocial Innovations in Diabetes (RAPID) Conference from 29th Nov to 1st Dec 2022.

Psychosocial research is critical to every aspect of diabetes care. RAPID is a novel conference to provide a space for collaborative working which will actively involve all stakeholders (including people living with diabetes, early and mid-career researchers, clinicians, senior academics, industry and policy makers).

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Dette arrangement blev afholdt den 29 november 2022

The aims of the 3-day conference are to:

  • Stimulate communication, generate research ideas, and promote collaboration in diabetes psychosocial research
  • Expand the community of practice in this research area by supporting and learning from people with diabetes, early career researchers and providing grants for attendance at the conference to those from low- and middle-income countries to ensure representation
  • Promote dissemination of effective psychological assessments, interventions, and care pathways in diabetes care
  • Improve the relevance and quality of research in the psychosocial area
  • Build both the capacity and the impact of psychosocial research in diabetes.